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26 Ottobre 2017 Studio Chopinet presso Lualdi porte Con: Diego Perusko, Maurizio Favetta, Emanuele Svetti, Sandra Arizabalo Chopinet, Savina Martinero, Piergiorio Barzon, Silvia Noni e Serena Capasso.: Un grazie al Presidente alberto Lualdi, a Olga Lualdi e a Marisa Corso di MC International. 
Si è concluso con enorme successo ad Acireale il primo appuntamento del ciclo di incontri "l'editoria incontra l'architettura" organizzato da Studio Chopinet. 
Per ulteriori informazioni info@studiochopinet.com 
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CIFF Guangzhou International Furniture Exhibition 
from 18th to 22th March
"Prohibido no leer" 
by Ariadna A. Arizabalo
awarded by the ministry of public instruction
"Forbidden not read» by Ariadna A. Arizabalo
part 1part 2
television interview


"Form and architecture of flight" 
Airport of the Future focus
1° edition Rimini 2102
(new editions programmed for 2015 in China and Germany)

"MG12 Magnesium Network"

Project for technological exploitation new metal alloys and application in the field of architecture and design
(in progress)

"Salento Charming Houses"
renovated and build apartments, traditional properties and Villas maintaining the authenticity and originality of the local style, inspired by the sea and the terrain of the Salento region.
(In progress)

"Request for Tender" 
Private architecture UAE
(in progress)

"Crescere all'estero" 
Dedicated to European PMI Companies to approach Mercosur Market 2014/2015/2016
(in progress)

"Textile architecture interventions"
(in progress)

"B2B Mercosur"
Meetings between Italian PMI Companies and Architects  from Argentina - Chile - Brazil

"Alma en Coma"
Creative contents linked to communication and entertainment that have received several awards and have presented recently at Mipcom Cannes 2013 edition
(in progress)

"Architecture and Design publishing"
landed in Europe this year, the two high-level magazines from Argentina and Brazil reference for South-American architects. 
PossibleMeetings.pdf (PDF — 243 KB)
A great opportunity for Italian and European Companies and Professionals to communicate in Mercosur
(in progress)


"3D services to Italian and European Design and architecture production companies and Architecture firms"
3D modeling services, rendering solutions, architectural illustration - rapid prototyping and illustration photo-realistic rendering.
(in progress) 

"Publishing project" 
young and dynamic news Italian magazine 
distributed in hotels and airports, with special editions abroad
(in progress) 


"We work together to help your business to thrive in emerging markets"