"Connecting with new markets" - Messaggio aziendale

OUR NETWORK (architects, sales managers, import export and marketing experts, distributors, designers, journalists, real estate brokers, media partners and more) offers a real support for clients in emerging markets.

WE TAKE CARE to analyze, plan and implement projects aimed at the implementation of trade to achieve the goals of our clients, supporting them in adapting supply of products or services to the needs and demands of the markets objetive and effective use of the techniques for determining the price, communication and distribution to inform, motivate and serve those markets

Studio Chopinet is structured around four organisational departments, essential to the achievement of the client's goals, that work together to support them and their priorities:

CHOPINET STUDIO - provides an important integrated service in response to architectural and design themes

CHOPINET MEDIA - works in collaboration with some of the most important local media and exhibitions all around the world.

CHOPINET SERVICES - offers outsourcing services in 6 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (our language coverage makes us especially strong in Europe and the Americas).

CHOPINET REAL ESTATE - for customers seeking a range of real estate services in emerging markets, where we have significant experience and important partnership agreements.

"We work together to help your business to thrive in emerging markets"